Monday, June 4, 2007

What's in your pill case?

A few years ago I began using a pill case to make sure I would take my pills routinely. The only problem is that sometimes I forget to take my pills. I guess that's one of the liabilities as I age. Fortunately, I only have to take my pills only once a day unlike most people who have to take them at meal times or bed time. My pill case has a prominent position on the kitchen counter next to the coffee pot. It makes it a little easier to remember since I always have a cup of coffee before I leave the house in the morning. I remember my Dad kept his pills in the china cabinet in the dining room. His pill case was larger and contained more prescription drugs than I have in my case. Mine is about 50% prescription and 50% vitamins. My current pill case however is at capacity. Unless I place the pills in a certain way, it is impossible to close the lid. I suppose I could get a larger pill case, but I like the challenge of trying to figure out the exact way to position the pills so the lid closes. It's like trying to figure out the combination of a Rubik's cube. I won't bore you with the inventory of the prescription drugs I have in my pill case. Let me just say that the drugs are for a depressed, overweight diabetic. I'll let you draw the conclusion.
The other pills that take up residence in the pill case are more for preventative maintenance. I take 81 mg of aspirin a day. From what I've read, aspirin is good for the heart, also I get fewer headaches. Larry King suggested that it's good to take Ester-C. It must be good if Larry prescribes it--right? Actually Ester-C is a complex vitamin C pill. It must work because I rarely get colds anymore. The next pill is Omega 3 Fish Oil. This pill helps your heart and circulation. This is better than eating fish because there's no chance of getting mercury poisoning. I take vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to cardiovascular, mental and prostate, and may enhance the immune system (at least that's what the label reads). Besides this pill looks like a golden Jelly Belly.
Finally, I take a Mature Complete Multivitamin. This pill contains every vitamin known to man. These are not your ordinary "Flintstone" vitamin. The list is endless. There are 31 different vitamin in this baby including Lycopene.

I'm sure there are some pills that I don't take that I should take. I use to take gingko biloba, but I've given up on that one. It was suppose to help with my memory. I figured at my age what do I have to remember. Unless it creates brain cell growth it's worthless.

Now where is my pill case?

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David and Heidi said...

Oh the pill case. When David was in the Marine Corps we finally broke down and bought him a pill case. Toward the end of his enlistment we broke down even more to buy the humba jumba pill case because he was on 11 pills a day. Say what? Yep. I swear he's been on it all. Of course some of those pills were vitamins but as with you I'd say he was pretty much 50/50 with them. Currently his only pill is for heartburn. He's backed off the vitamins more due to $ than anything. Hmmm, kind of funny that when you reduce the stress and anxiety in your life the amount of pills decrease too. Thank goodness his Marine Corps experience is behind him. As for now we're done with the pill case but we have it tucked away because our days of pill popping will arrive again someday....