Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Guy with "Wings"

Hey, I want to let you in on a little secret. Actually it's more of an inside joke between Jan and myself. Whenever I do something that Jan appreciates she says, "Your wings are growing". I take those words to mean that I'm an angel and my wings are growing. At least I hope that's what she means! Heck, maybe she thinks I'm a bird, I dunno. I realize that I have a long way to go to be standing alongside Michael the Archangel. But when she says "Your wings are growing" I get a spring in my step. Remember when you were in kindergarten and the teacher had a chart with all the students names on it? If you did something "good" you were awarded with a gold star next to your name. That's the feeling I get. We all want to be accepted and appreciated, and this is her way of telling me that she appreciates what I have done. I usually don't "grow wings" when I do things that are expected of me. It's when I do unexpected acts that she finds it necessary to award me with my "wings". On the other hand, if I do something "stupid" (at least in her eyes) I get my wings clipped. There is nothing worse than an angel without wings. At least in my eyes anyway.

You see, it is the little things in life that mean the most to us. A kind word, a smile, a compliment all help us feel better about ourselves and the people around us.

I continue to find ways to be awarded wings everyday. I feel much better when I am winged and not wingless. Remember there is nothing worse than an angel without wings.


Jan said...

You are going to be an angel with a "knot" on your head!! I like to give ya a challenge and something to work towards. :)

Anonymous said...

When Jerry & I look at you all we see are wings. You are a good husband, a great father, and a super friend! Keep your standards high, it gives Jan something to strive towards.:) This last comment came from her brother!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts, pop. Keep them up and you can take Andy Rooney's place when he is done.

Anonymous said...

Mark, in my eyes you have always had wings. Keep it up.
Mom Q

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark
I certainly do enjoy your BLOG WRITINGS. Keep your WINGS flying high as you do have a knack for writing. I'm always looking forward to THE NEXT ONE. So don't let anyone clip your wings. Keep soaring the sky.


Anonymous said...

Your writing is very impressive, i.e. expounding upon the impact a kind word can make, thats deep. You're comical at the same time though. I also like how you interject bits of nostalgia into your pieces. ----You missed your calling! I agree with "J" - Andy Rooney, watch out.
Mr."J", that's not crazy talk.
Love, sita :o)