Monday, April 30, 2007

Who's the Better Doctor?

A few weeks ago I had an eye Doctor appointment at The Parshauer Eye Clinic. Being that it's been a couple of years since I was at the Clinic, I had to update my profile. The receptionist indicated that I should go ahead and sit in the main waiting area while I filled out the necessary forms. I filled out the forms and waited for my name to be called. As luck would have it, an elderly gentleman sat across from me. He said to me, "What Doctor are you seeing?" I replied, "I'm not sure, I'm just getting an eye exam". He said, "There's Dr. John, Dr. Ken, and some other Doctors." He continued, "Dr. John is the best." I then nodded my head and smiled at him. I really didn't want to continue the conversation with this old fellow so I closed my eyes and pretended that I was sleeping. I began to wonder what he meant by "Dr. John is the best." Did he graduate at the top of his class? Is he nice? Does he charge less?
I do know that when I set up the appointment that I had no consideration as to which Doctor that would perform the eye exam. Dr. John's son was a friend of my son in high school. They both played on the soccer team.
Finally my name was called. I continued the charade. I stood up, stretched and followed the nurse into the exam room. She asked me some questions and performed some preliminary tests. After she was finished she said, "Dr. Parshauer will be seeing you shortly." Now my mind went into overdrive. I should have asked right then and there, "Dr. John or Dr. Ken?" But no I had to continue my suspense. I know I wanted the "best" Doctor that's for sure. For years I've be going to Doctors appointments and never requested the "best" Doctor. What's wrong with me for crying out loud.
My doubts and fears subsided when Dr. John came into the room. He said, "Hi Mark, how are you?" I replied with a smile, "Great, it's good to see you." He said, "Good to see you too." I'm sure glad that he couldn't read my mind. I felt relieved that I got the "best" Doctor.
Everything checked out okay. The bill for this eye exam totaled $197.00 which I had to pay only $10.00. I was wondering as I left the office how much it would have cost if Dr. Ken or one of the other Doctors performed the tests. Oh well, time to go home and take a nap--and remember always settle for the "best".

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Daleen said...

Glad you got the "best" one , Mark. LOL I thought Dr. Ken only does sugery, but I could be wrong. I know he did mine. I had Dr. Jimmy Walker once (Kenny Walker's son) and boy, did that make me feel old!
And you know what they call the person that graduates at the bottom of his medical class, don't you????