Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This past weekend we decided (at the last moment) to see Dan May in concert at the Maumee Indoor Theater in Maumee , Ohio. Heidi, Jan and myself left early and stopped at the Franklin Park Mall. Heidi was looking for a dress for weddings she will be attending this summer. She was successful in finding the perfect dress that she had in mind. I won't go in to describing the dress, but Heidi felt thrilled about her choice.

After we had our dinner at the mall food court, we headed to the show. Of course the weather was typical spring weather in Ohio-- windy, cold and snowy. The parking lot was in the back of the theater and by the time we entered the main lobby of the theater we were cold and covered with snow. We arrived well before the 7:30 pm start time and were able to check out the people as they arrived. Brother Brad and wife Therese from Ann Arbor (boo) were there.
Also saw Sister Julie and Ed Opfer, nephew Jared, nephew Bryce and a cast of others.

The show started about 15 minutes late with Shane Piasecki, a singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist who is a native of Toledo. He was accompanied by a bearded violinist from Romania. They were very entertaining and sounded good together. Shane sang around 7 songs, 6 originals and 1 cover song-- Eric Clapton's Lay Down Sally. Although Shane is no Eric Clapton (and who is?) the arrangement worked very well.

After a 10 minute break (actually around 20 minutes), Dan May took the stage. My son-in-law David Henry (Heidi's husband) served as the percussionist for Dan. David also played with Dan May when he was in Sandusky at Cabana Jacks. We were very proud of David. He did a terrific job and added that little extra flavor to the performance.

Dan sang almost his entire repertoire. His third CD has just been released, it is entitled Fate Said Never Mind. It was an excellent show and certainly very entertaining.
After the show we attended the after show party in the basement of the theater. Heidi decided to wait for David and rode home with him. I started thinking to myself, I know we're going to get lost on the way home without Heidi. Oh well-- Jan and I trekked to the car in a blinding snowstorm. This is April 14 for crying out loud. There goes the theory on global warming. Tell that to Mother Nature.
We leave the parking lot and come to the stoplight. A sign above the traffic light indicates "NO LEFT TURN". So we made a right turn then turned around to head in the proper direction. Waiting in the left turn lane at the next traffic light visibility was almost non-existent. The light changed to green and I proceeded to make the left turn gingerly. I didn't realize at the time that there was a concrete median in the center of the road (actually I couldn't see it). Of course we're on the left side of the median and not the right side. Holy Sh*t! Now what do we do? All I could envision at the time was the scene from the movie Trains, Plains and Automobiles where Del and Neal are driving against the traffic instead of with the traffic. We were lucky however; there weren't any semi tractors coming our way. Whew! Dodged another bullet---no traffic. I then did a quick U-ie, went back through the traffic light and turned around once again.
Now at least we're headed in the right direction. We began looking for Turnpike signs. Darn it! I know we saw them coming into town. Where are they? Who stole them? Do they exist? Where in the heck is Heidi when we need her? After what seemed to be hours, and several more incorrect turns, we saw the turnpike signs. Alleluia! Rejoice! Like an oasis in the desert we finally are headed home.
Once we got into the driveway I felt like kissing the ground. We finally made it home in one piece. Yet another fun but unnerving chapter in our exciting travels.


Mark Roth said...

Excellent story, however, you failed to mention all the "markizms." (Remember the "I can't see!", "they should mark that median!", "I didn't know it was a divided highway!", "it's NOT my fault!" ) ;)
Love ya

David and Heidi said...

How about a "GEEZ!"? Sorry, I didn't know you guys got lost. You should've called, but then again I probably wouldn't know where the heck you were since you were in an area that I am unaware of the surroundings.