Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

Wow it's hard too believe that I haven't blogged for about 45 days---- where has the time gone? A few people have mentioned that I get off of my dead a$$ and start writing again. The past week I have been reading Heidi's blog, and it has been very entertaining (at her expense). It will be difficult to top her "Hawaiian Vacation" experience.

Politically Incorrect or Politically Correct?

About 3 weeks ago a newspaper article was published that Santa Claus (in Australia) could no longer use Ho! Ho! Ho! because it was apparently offensive "to the ladies of the night". I really got a kick out of this article. The word "hoe" is slang in America for a prostitute. Now politically correct or not, I can't see how using the word Ho would hurt their feelings. It makes you wonder at times who comes up with this garbage. It is also unlikely that a young child would understand what a "hoe" is. This is just one example of having politically correctness jammed down our collective throats.

In recent years, sports teams have come under fire by the PC cops. Miami University (Ohio), once known as the Redskins are now known as the Redhawks. It seems that the native Americans were not fond of Miami using Redskins as their nickname.

In 2001, The University of Hawaii changed their nickname from the Rainbow Warriors to simply Warriors. The word rainbow was probably dropped because it has a "gay" connotation. For years the Cleveland Indians have been under constant pressure from native Americans to change the team's nickname. Perhaps the likeness of Chief Wahoo is the main reason why the native Americans want the nickname changed.

Prior to 1980 we never even heard of the term Political Correct. Why must the government censor our use of the English language? What ever happened to our freedom of speech? Will it ever end?

Here are some more politically correct terms:

Housewife = Domestic Engineer

Stewardess = Flight Attendant

Waitress/Waiter = Server

Merry Christmas = Seasons Greetings

I could go on and on. What are your favorites?

Always remember the PC police are watching you!


Heidi said...

You've been tagged...check out my blog to see what to do =)

Anonymous said...

Garbage man=sanitation engineer or waste material management
What school offers engineering degrees in sanitation?? I can't picture my "sanitation engineer" hitting the books before finals.

They even changed secretaries day to administrative professionals day.

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kyleroth said...

You're it.

Heidi said...

Mom and Dad, You've been tagged. Check out our blog =)